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Jefferson Preparatory High School | October 28, 2020

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Online Access to Classes


Our classes will start on Monday, March 30th. Students are welcome to log in and look around, but please don’t try to complete any assignments yet as there will probably be changes before then. Our teachers are working hard to get everything set up, and will be ready for you on Monday.

We have a couple of tutorials available for students:

How to download the Teams desktop app:

How to access Office 365 in your web browser:

Remember, if you don’t know your password you can email or and they can help.

Regarding assignment due dates-please check your courses beginning Monday for our amended late work policy.

Students will log in to with their school email and password. There was an email sent to families on March 25th that included how to access

All your classes are set up in the TEAMS app, so explore it as well as the other programs. Your first Life Skills assignment will require you to learn/show familiarity with the different components of our online system.

All assignments and communication for your classes should be through the office 365 program and the Outlook email app.