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Jefferson Preparatory High School | June 19, 2019

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Jefferson Traditional Beginnings

Jefferson Preparatory is happy to partner with Jefferson Traditional Beginnings to give our high school students the opportunity to work with preschool children and gain practicum experience in their child development classes.

Children are our future. Their education in the classroom must recognize this and support and enhance the growth of the whole child by developing the foundation of each child’s mind, body and social/emotional competence. By implementing curriculum that is designed to extend a child’s understanding and acclimation to the world around them, the classroom offers children the chance to obtain this understanding and adjustment.

All children are individually unique in their own right. While a child is learning who they are and what special talents and abilities they possess, it is also important that the classroom promotes consideration of other, respect for all people, and the world we live in. Children at Jefferson Traditional Beginnings will be challenged to achieve the highest standards in their studies, in their play and in their character.



Please visit JTB Preschool website for further information.