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Jefferson Preparatory High School | September 26, 2020

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Dec 6 Newsletter to Families


Here’s the newsletter that went out on Dec 6th. Please make sure your email is set to receive emails from Mrs. Davis to keep up with all our happenings here.

JPHS Families,

JPHS is full of gratitude to all who so willing support us.

A HUGE shout out to eCreations for their support of our Basketball program. eCreations is a “different kind of digital agency”.  Since 1997, eCreations has been the approachable, local-expert for website design, eCommerce solutions, custom web applications and digital marketing.  They offer long-term solutions, which grows clients’ businesses. They proudly support Jefferson Preparatory, and we appreciate their support.  For more information on how eCreations can help your business, please visit

We are grateful for our JPPO organization which does so much!  Many parents volunteered at the Holiday Music Concert, hauled instruments, donated candy and flowers to sell at the event, and provided refreshments for the after party.  We appreciate the financial donations which will help purchase new music stands. Our JPPO was on campus again today, hosting Pizza-Friday, with the intent of making a few extra dollars to support JPHS programs.  Next Tuesday they host the monthly staff appreciation luncheon.  Thank you!

Giving brings personal satisfaction, and it would be wonderful to have the resources to give to every cause, but we know that can’t happen. At Jefferson Preparatory, we want our students to feel the joy of giving so they will seek opportunities to contribute to the world. With that end goal in mind, we  have a few opportunities right here on campus that we’d like to ask you to encourage your children to contribute something to.  Student Government is sponsoring a “Giving Tree” with the intent of providing Christmas for a refugee family from Burma.  Students may take a tag from the tree and provide whatever is listed on the tag.  The family consists of 2 young boys and their parents.  Clothing sizes are included on the tree tags.  If your child can’t contribute to the “Giving Tree”, the school needs facial tissues (Kleenex), Expo white board markers, and disinfectant wipes.  Please let your child learn/feel the good vibes that come from contributing, by purchase something with his/her own money or time, that can be donated to the Burmese family or the school.

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Holiday Music Concert.  Speaking of giving, our student musicians have given many hours in preparation for the concert.  Miss Gho was able to gather their individual talents and create an evening of beautiful music.  Thanks student musicians, Miss Gho, and all who attended.  Our spring concert is scheduled for May 7th. The student-musician solo recital is be March 5th. –And, our piano class has their recital on Monday, December 9th at 2:00 pm.  The room won’t hold many, but we invite parents of piano students, and any parents who might want their child to take piano next year, to attend.

While you are shopping this giving season, keep in mind that our annual Guardian Gala is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd.  Each life skills class creates an auction basket made from student donations.  If you see any great deals now or at the end-of-year inventory reduction sales, grab them to help supply life skills auction baskets.  We’ll also take those gifts that might otherwise have been re-gifted.

Lastly, the end of the year is approaching way too quickly.  We desperately want you to control where your education tax dollars are spent by taking advantage of Arizona tax law. Individuals may donate any amount up to $200 to extracurricular programs at the school of your choice. Married couples may donate up to $400.  You receive a state tax credit in the exact amount you donate. For example, If you donate $50, your Arizona state tax bill will be exactly $50 less than you would otherwise owe. If you have already paid your tax liability, the money will be returned to you as a tax refund.  Though you have until April 15th to donate tax credit money, some of you like to get that done by December 31st, and again, we appreciate that.  Extracurricular programs such as sports are not funded and depend on fees from students and donations from community members.  Mrs. Mecham has worked doggedly to offer wonderful extra-curricular programs at Jefferson Preparatory, but they are expensive. You tax credit donations are needed, well-used, and appreciated.  If you have friends and neighbors without children/grandchildren in an Arizona school, encourage them to send their tax credit money to Jefferson Preparatory as well.

Jefferson Preparatory has the BEST families.  Thank you.