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Jefferson Preparatory High School | March 30, 2017

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Our Team

Tawnya Mecham, Principal

Melodee Olson, Assistant Principal


Alicia Barnes, History 7th & 8th grades, Choir, Theater Technology

Loyd Brazzel, 10th & 11th grade Literature, Dual Enrollment English 101

Ashley Britt, Art, Photography

Elizabeth Carnes-Wight, Band

Chase Cummins, Geography, World History, American History

Cindy Duffy, Psychology, Child Development

Bruce Eisenhauer, Athletic Director, PE Coach

Laura Eisenhauer, Dance, Drama, Yoga

Kathryn Eskesen,  Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, Calculus

James Hadley, Science 8th grade Integrated Science, Chemistry, Physics

Aimee Hand, Technology, Journalism, Yearbook

Tyhanna Harrison, Speech & Debate, Math 7th & 8th grades

Richard Hutchison, Algebra I, US Government/Economics, Dual Enrollment Philosophy of Econ 101

Mike Iauch, PE 7th and 8th grades, Business & Finance, Business Math

Mike Iauch

Mike Iauch

Number of years at Jefferson (including this one): 1

Number of years teaching (including this one): 1

Educational background: BS in Business Administration from Central Michigan Univ, MA/MS/MEd in what from where? Masters in Business Administration from Univ of Phoenix


What courses have you taught? This year – Applied Mathematics/Geometry/Intro to Business/PE

Where are you from and where else have you taught or worked? I’m from Michigan, and worked in the Mortgage and Real Estate Business for 20+ years

What are your hobbies and interests? I enjoy running and hiking, and am in my 14th year coaching Cross Country and Track at O’Connor HS

Favorite quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” – Steve Prefontaine

Daniel Junker, Literature 7th & 8th grades, Humanities

Jordan LaGrey, Science 7th & 8th Grade, Biology, Anatomy

Gervias Okelly, French, Resource

Hanna Scott, Art, 9th Grade Literature, Scholar Council Advisor, Painting

Ashley Watts, Spanish, Latin

Julia Cali, Resource

Suzanne Davis, Registrar

Jenn deLeon, School Secretary